June 29, 2016

Volunteers Are Important

Volunteers play an important and valuable role in education.  We know that few schools can exist without their contributions, which represent generosity and, at times, sacrafice.  Students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community benefit from the work of people like you who freely share their talents and resources.  We also know that as a volunteer you too will be rewarded.

Successful school volunteers make firm and reliable commitments and follow through with their services.  School volunteer work-however insignificant it may seem to an outsider-will not be viewed as unimportant by the school staff.  Your assistance will be highly valued by those you help.

Areas Where Volunteers Are Needed
Read a story to the class
Supervise on a field trip
Read One-on-One with Students
Review skills with students
Help with supplies for lessons
Musical activity
Copying papers
Work in the library
Make flash cards
Putting up student art or bulletin boards
Tutor students who may need extra help
Provide enrichment activities for gifted students
Help students on the computer
Help with an art project
Organize classroom parties