June 30, 2016

Fox Lake Grade School District 114

Robert D. Sayles Education Foundation

The Foundation's purpose is to provide and support enrichment opportunities for the students of Fox Lake District 114.  The members of the Foundation have a close liason relationship with the Board of Education and the teaching staff in gaining access to the needs within the district, with an independent distribution of funds raised or donated by businesses and/or private citizens.  We are a non-profit, tax deferred, 501 (c)(3) organization that works independent of Fox Lake District 114's Board of Education and community.
We hold an annual Spring event to raise funds that help support various programs for the students within the schools.
Our mission is to emphasize the core curriculum of Fox Lake Grade Schools while supporting enrichment opportunities for Fox Lake District 114 students.
For more information or to get invovled check out our website at www.robertdsayles.org call (847)973-4015 or email us at RDSaylesFoundation@comcast.net