April 25, 2014


Lotus Summer Reading


This summer Lotus School is encouraging each child to continue reading during the summer break.  Each student can keep track of all books read over summer break.  Summer is a great opportunity to find a new book and have a story discussion with your child.  1st through 5th grade will write down the title and author on the log.  In addition, they can complete the short story structure worksheet, to help them remember the story elements. 

  • Students can't take any AR quizzes over the summer.  This log/worksheet will help them remember the name and story.
  • They can take quizzes on all books read over the summer provided they are within their reading level, are an AR book, and after they have completed one quiz in the first quarter.
  • Please use www.arbookfind.com to make sure the book selection is an AR book.

As an incentive I will be giving 25 All Stars to students who have cmpleted the reading log/worksheets.  They can be turned in within the first 2 weeks of school. 

Accelerated Reader

To see your child's progress in Accelerated Reader, click here
If you want to know if your book is an AR Book, go to: 
Destiny Quest: